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We work with local clients to design and construct pollinator gardens.

Pollination is a vital natural process that occurs when specific types of insects carry pollen between components of flowering plants. According to the U.S. Forest Service, nearly 80% of the crops grown around the globe that produce the foods we eat and the products we use require pollination.

Pollinator Gardens in Holly Springs, North Carolina

Bees are among the most well-known pollinators in our ecosystem, and they’re struggling to survive. Additionally, birds and butterflies perform this essential duty. All of these living creatures are important in supporting the crops we rely on, and you can do your part in aiding them by investing in a garden designed for their needs on your Holly Springs, North Carolina property.

At Garden Environments, we work with local clients to design and construct pollinator gardens. These unique and beautiful outdoor spaces incorporate native plants that thrive in this area and encourage pollinators to visit. If you want to grow food-producing plants, we highly encourage you to consider adding living elements that will increase the number of pollinators on your property. But even if you’re not interested in a vegetable garden, adding pollinator gardens can benefit the environment in a number of ways.

Our technicians enjoy creating pollinator gardens that balance natural beauty with sustainability. We incorporate various colors and plants to ensure each type of pollinator has access to its favorite nectar source. Additionally, we’ll provide you with insights on maintaining your garden without the use of harmful pesticides. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and take the next step toward creating a more beautiful and enjoyable space.

At Garden Environments, we create pollinator gardens in the Triangle area of North Carolina, including DurhamRaleigh, Cary, Chapel HillPittsboro, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Wake Forest, Creedmoor, Morrisville, Apex, Southpoint, Holly Springs, and surrounding areas.